Tuesday, April 28, 2009

outside reading blog #2

I finished Gossip Girl: The Carlyles so then I read The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson. In the book, Russia never sold Alaska to the United States, so Alaska is it's own country. Christina Krabbe is in Alaska and she happens to be on the same boat as the king and he takes a liking to her. He invites her to stay at his castle and marry the crown prince. This book reminds me of The Princess Diaries. In both books a regular girl becomes a princess. Also, both girls have to go through a lot of training. They also both don't want to be a princess at first, but then warm up to the idea by the end. Finally, they both end up being queen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

outside reading blog #1

For outside reading I started with reading The Carlyles from the series, Gossip Girl: The Carlyles. It was about the Carlyle tripelets moving to New York City and getting used to life on the Upper East Side. This book reminded me of the original Gossip Girl books. Not just because it is a part of the series, but I can see the similarities between the characters in this book and the other books. Jack Laurent reminds me of Blair Waldorf because she is the alpha and she is with the "hottest" guy in the upper east side. J.P reminds be of Nate because all of the girls want to be with him. Baby Carlyle reminds me a Jenny Humphrey because she doesn't really quite get the ways of the upper east side yet.