Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading Minute

For my reading minute I read a story from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul the Real Deal: Friends. The story I read is called Crossing the Fence. It is about a little girl who is very shy and is new to her school. She walks around the school yard by herself waiting for her mom to drop off her lunch. When her mom gets there she eats her lunch in her car with her mom because she doesn't have any friends. Then she grows up and becomes more outgoing and meets new people and makes friends. I like this story because everyone has felt alone sometime in their life. Most people are shy, including me. It also shows that its hard to make friends for most people, and you just have to become more accepting of yourself. This book is all about friends and has a lot of different stories of the different aspects of friendship. I recommend this book to everyone.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

outside reading #10

I started reading Alicia, which is part of The Clique Summer Collection. Alicia goes to spain to visit her cousins, and this year is the first time that she goes without her parents. She is determined to become a spalpha (spanish alpha). It has not been going well for her, at first she thought it was but then she realized that her older cousins were just using her for her ralph lauren. She also broke a statue in a very expensive hotel at a party the very first night she was there. So now she has to be a towel girl with her younger cousin who has been known to steal things. At first Alicia hates it, but now she is starting to like it even more. Her younger cousin and her trying to plan schemes to get in the a famous musician's music video that is being filmed in the hotel. I like this book so far. I think that it is funny how it seems like the characters are so much older, when in fact they are only going into 8th grade.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I read Claire which is a book in The Clique Summer Collection. It is about Claire Lyons spending her summer at her old house in Florida before her family sells it and they move to Westchester. Claire wants to spend the summer with her fbffs (Florida best friends forever) but their friendship is strained because they think that they have changed. It wasn't going good until Claire was asked to be a judge for Kissimmee's Miss Kiss pageant. Then her friends were just sucking up to Claire so that she would give them good scores. Claire knew this but didn't mind because she just was glad that they weren't mad at her. Then when everything seems ok, Massie shows up. Then Claire has to choose between Massie and her Florida friends and figure out how to not let any of her personal problems get in the way of her judging for the pageant. I like this book but I do not think that it as good as the other Clique books.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

outside reading

I read an article about a news anchorwoman in Little Rock, Arkansas being beaten nearly to death. She was found Monday morning by her mom in her bed unconscious and bloody. On Sunday night Anne Pressly went out to dinner with a friend and then went home. Her friend was texting Anne until 10:30 about Anne's small part in W. The next morning she was found. Police cannot think of any possible motivation. Friends and family all say that Anne had no enemys and that she went out of her way to help people. Anne never complained about stalkers or any deranged fans. I think that it is very sad. I feel bad for Anne and her family. It is scary to think that even someone that seems so nice could be beaten nearly to death for no apparant reason. I hope that she gets better quickly and that police are able to find how did this. article here

Monday, October 20, 2008

Heroes in a box

For my project I did Disney Hereos. All classic and newer main characters of disney movies fall under disney hereos.

Aladdin is the number one disney hereo according to

Hercules is the first hero I think of when it comes to Disney heroes, even though on he is fourth.

Belle is's number one disney Heroine. She goes beyond looks and promotes reading.

Mulan is a heroine not only does she fight in a war but when she is found out she still fights to save china. She is selfless. has her at number 2.

This shows the different variety of disney heroes.

This video shows a good variety of the disney heroes. The song is also really good (and is even about heroes!)

This video also show a variety of disney heroes. (It also has a good song!)

Top 25 Disney Heroes Website
This website has a list of the top 25 disney heroes according to voters. Also under each character there are comments from some of the voters explaining why they think that they are heroes.

This is just like the website from above (in fact they actually the same website, different pages.) The only difference is that the list is heroines.

I found out that all Disney heroes have a few characteristics in common. They all do not feel comfortable with who they are when they begin their journeys. They also all have something that they believe in and they won't let anyone or anything get in their way. All disney heroes go through a big change and come out a better person (and usually in love.) Finally, they also perform acts of selflessness throught their whole stories.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cole Puffinburger

Today I read an article on about a missing 6 year-old boy from Las Vegas being found. Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped at gunpoint Wednesday morning. Three men who were dressed up as police officers broke into Cole's house Wednesday morning and tied up his mom and her fiance, when they didn't find cash in their house they took Cole. Police say that the kidnapping is related to Cole's grandpa owning Mexican drug dealers a lot of money. Cole was found Saturday wondering on a city street outside of a large Methodist church. I think that it is really good that they found Cole. I also believe that if police find the people who kidnapped Cole, they should definitely be punished. If you would like to read this article click here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Outside Reading

I read an article about the disappearance of Caylee Anthony and the charges against her mother. Caylee has been missing since the middle of June. Caylee's mother, Casey, didn't report her missing until a month after. Casey has been charged with seven charges, including capital murder. I do not really understand why they arrested Casey, it says something about a car switch on the highway, but I don't get what happened. I also don't think that there is no hard evidence that suggests that Casey killed Caylee except the fact that she didn't report it till later. I wonder what really happened. If you would like to read this article click here.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

L8r, G8r

I read the book l8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle. It is about three best friends in their last semester of high school. They deal with boy troubles, a mean girl at school and college anxieties. The book is written entirely in instant messages between the three friends. I like this book, it captures the real high school. It also shows how your really close friends can help you through tough times. I recommend this book if you would like a good read about good friendship.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Shack

In the latest installment of The Shack, Mack decided to go back to the shack. He called his friend Willie to borrow his Jeep to go off road. His wife, Nan, went to her sister's house with their kids for the weekend. Mack didn't tell anyone besides Willie that he was going back to the shack. On the way up Mack was very nervous and he didn't know what to expect. When he finally got there he hiked down to the shack. He walked into the shack and nothing had changed. He got very mad and yelled at god and then started walking away. He felt a breeze, looked back and it had changed. It was then spring and the shack was all fixed up. When he went up to the door a big colored woman opened the door. There were two other people in the shack also. It turned out that the big woman was god, the man was Jesus, and the other women was the holy spirit. This surprised me, I thought that this book was going to be a mystery about the murder but it completely turned around. It is all about who/what god and Jesus are. I have stopped reading this book, partly because it was due back at the library but also because it to much about religion and beliefs. I'm not looking for a book to make me think to hard, I just want a good storyline, but if you like this sort of thing I would check this book out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jonas Article

Today I read an older article on about my favorite band, the Jonas Brothers. The article is about their newest album coming out, their history and all of their crazy, mostly female, fans. I like this article because it isn't biased for or against them. A lot of things I read about the Jonas Brothers are either that they are amazing or that they suck. This article just states the facts. Personally, I love the Jonas Brothers. My two favorite songs from their new album (A Little Bit Longer) are Lovebug and A Little Bit Longer. I like the sound of Lovebug, its different and A Little Bit Longer is just simply amazing. If you would like to read this article click here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Shack

Right now I am reading a book called The Shack. It is about a man, Mack, who was out camping with his three kids when his youngest daughter, Missy, gets abducted. They find her dress with blood on it in an abandoned shack in the middle of the woods. Three years later Mack gets a note in his mailbox from "papa" inviting him up to the shack. Papa is what Mack's wife calls god. I'm only at the part when Mack is all packed up to go up to the sack. I am very interested to see who actually sent the note, and what will happen to Mack at the shack. I also want to find out what actually happened to Missy because they never found a body.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Civil Action

A Civil Action teaches people that one way to find yourself is to realize that there are bigger problems in the world than just yours. In A Civil Action John Travolta's character only cares about money first. He acts like he cares to the public, but will only take on cases that he will get a big paycheck on. I believe that his turning point is when he is sitting in is car on the freeway where the man described how his son died in the car on the way to the clinic. He was visioning what he thought it looked liked and how he would feel if it were him. This makes him realize that there are things in life that matter more than money. After that point he doesn't care how much money it costs him, he wants the families to get what they deserve. In conclusion, to find yourself you have to remember that your problems are not as bad as some other people's.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Dreams

My favorite quote from Animal Dreams so far is in Hallie's letter to Codi, "Jesus, Codi, how long are you going to keep limping around on that crutch?" I like this quote because Hallie is telling Codi to grow up and stop complaining about everything. Codie needs to realize that her life might be bad but its not as bad as a lot of other peoples lives. I think that Codi really needed to hear that from somebody. It even hits her harder when it came from Hallie.

My favorite character is Emelina. I like Emelina because she is a really good mom. She also good at making sure that Codi is included but also gives Codi some space. I think that she is good for Codi right now. She can show Codi what a good parent is, and also let Codi keep to herself. Overall, Emelina is my favorite character.

I think that the most important scene from the book is when Loyd and Codi are watching the Christmas dances on a rooftop. I fell like it is a important moment because they really connected and talked about important stuff. Codi got a close look at Loyd's childhood and beliefs. Codi got a different perspective on how she can look at the world.

Recent Read

I have recently read E. Lockharts The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. I read this book just for a fun read. I liked this book, but I also found it a little bit confusing. It had some flashbacks but it also seemed like the whole book was a flashback. Overall the rest of the book was good.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Book

My favorite book is Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Myer. Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the Twilight series. In this book Bella and Edward get married and then go on their honeymoon on an island. Some surprising twists get thrown in when they think that all is good. While Edward and Bella are trying to deal with the surprises, Bella has to deal with her best friend, Jacob Black. I like this book because it keeps throwing surprises at you and you never know whats going to happen next. I highly recommend reading Breaking Dawn.