Tuesday, October 21, 2008

outside reading

I read an article about a news anchorwoman in Little Rock, Arkansas being beaten nearly to death. She was found Monday morning by her mom in her bed unconscious and bloody. On Sunday night Anne Pressly went out to dinner with a friend and then went home. Her friend was texting Anne until 10:30 about Anne's small part in W. The next morning she was found. Police cannot think of any possible motivation. Friends and family all say that Anne had no enemys and that she went out of her way to help people. Anne never complained about stalkers or any deranged fans. I think that it is very sad. I feel bad for Anne and her family. It is scary to think that even someone that seems so nice could be beaten nearly to death for no apparant reason. I hope that she gets better quickly and that police are able to find how did this. article here

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