Sunday, October 26, 2008


I read Claire which is a book in The Clique Summer Collection. It is about Claire Lyons spending her summer at her old house in Florida before her family sells it and they move to Westchester. Claire wants to spend the summer with her fbffs (Florida best friends forever) but their friendship is strained because they think that they have changed. It wasn't going good until Claire was asked to be a judge for Kissimmee's Miss Kiss pageant. Then her friends were just sucking up to Claire so that she would give them good scores. Claire knew this but didn't mind because she just was glad that they weren't mad at her. Then when everything seems ok, Massie shows up. Then Claire has to choose between Massie and her Florida friends and figure out how to not let any of her personal problems get in the way of her judging for the pageant. I like this book but I do not think that it as good as the other Clique books.

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