Thursday, October 30, 2008

outside reading #10

I started reading Alicia, which is part of The Clique Summer Collection. Alicia goes to spain to visit her cousins, and this year is the first time that she goes without her parents. She is determined to become a spalpha (spanish alpha). It has not been going well for her, at first she thought it was but then she realized that her older cousins were just using her for her ralph lauren. She also broke a statue in a very expensive hotel at a party the very first night she was there. So now she has to be a towel girl with her younger cousin who has been known to steal things. At first Alicia hates it, but now she is starting to like it even more. Her younger cousin and her trying to plan schemes to get in the a famous musician's music video that is being filmed in the hotel. I like this book so far. I think that it is funny how it seems like the characters are so much older, when in fact they are only going into 8th grade.

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