Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading Minute

For my reading minute I read a story from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul the Real Deal: Friends. The story I read is called Crossing the Fence. It is about a little girl who is very shy and is new to her school. She walks around the school yard by herself waiting for her mom to drop off her lunch. When her mom gets there she eats her lunch in her car with her mom because she doesn't have any friends. Then she grows up and becomes more outgoing and meets new people and makes friends. I like this story because everyone has felt alone sometime in their life. Most people are shy, including me. It also shows that its hard to make friends for most people, and you just have to become more accepting of yourself. This book is all about friends and has a lot of different stories of the different aspects of friendship. I recommend this book to everyone.

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