Monday, October 20, 2008

Heroes in a box

For my project I did Disney Hereos. All classic and newer main characters of disney movies fall under disney hereos.

Aladdin is the number one disney hereo according to

Hercules is the first hero I think of when it comes to Disney heroes, even though on he is fourth.

Belle is's number one disney Heroine. She goes beyond looks and promotes reading.

Mulan is a heroine not only does she fight in a war but when she is found out she still fights to save china. She is selfless. has her at number 2.

This shows the different variety of disney heroes.

This video shows a good variety of the disney heroes. The song is also really good (and is even about heroes!)

This video also show a variety of disney heroes. (It also has a good song!)

Top 25 Disney Heroes Website
This website has a list of the top 25 disney heroes according to voters. Also under each character there are comments from some of the voters explaining why they think that they are heroes.

This is just like the website from above (in fact they actually the same website, different pages.) The only difference is that the list is heroines.

I found out that all Disney heroes have a few characteristics in common. They all do not feel comfortable with who they are when they begin their journeys. They also all have something that they believe in and they won't let anyone or anything get in their way. All disney heroes go through a big change and come out a better person (and usually in love.) Finally, they also perform acts of selflessness throught their whole stories.

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