Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal Dreams

My favorite quote from Animal Dreams so far is in Hallie's letter to Codi, "Jesus, Codi, how long are you going to keep limping around on that crutch?" I like this quote because Hallie is telling Codi to grow up and stop complaining about everything. Codie needs to realize that her life might be bad but its not as bad as a lot of other peoples lives. I think that Codi really needed to hear that from somebody. It even hits her harder when it came from Hallie.

My favorite character is Emelina. I like Emelina because she is a really good mom. She also good at making sure that Codi is included but also gives Codi some space. I think that she is good for Codi right now. She can show Codi what a good parent is, and also let Codi keep to herself. Overall, Emelina is my favorite character.

I think that the most important scene from the book is when Loyd and Codi are watching the Christmas dances on a rooftop. I fell like it is a important moment because they really connected and talked about important stuff. Codi got a close look at Loyd's childhood and beliefs. Codi got a different perspective on how she can look at the world.

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